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  • Immunization Policy

    In accordance with instructions from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, our facility may not accept or retain a child at the facility for more than 60 days following the first day of attendance at the facility unless the parent provides written verification from a physician, physician’s assistant, CRNP, the Department of Health or a local health department of the dates (month, day and year) the child was administered immunizations in accordance with the recommendations of the ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices).

  • Child Guidance (Discipline) Policy

    During the early childhood years, children are learning to be in charge of their own behavior. We believe in establishing consistent, easy-to-understand limits and in having teachers who respond to inappropriate behavior with insight, sensitivity, and skill. When clear, consistent and age appropriate limits are present; children increasingly become responsible for themselves. When out-of-bounds behaviors do occur, we believe it is important for children to understand why the behavior is inappropriate and how to modify it.

    We work to prevent behavior problems by arranging each classroom so that children work in small groups and have a choice of activities. The range of activities will give your child the freedom and ability to experience success and become self-directed. Teachers are also trained to skillfully direct behavior along appropriate channels. Children are encouraged to verbalize their feelings to learn to positively work through strong emotions. Teachers act as role models and encourage children’s appropriate behaviors. Under no circumstances is corporal punishment permitted. Discipline will not be associated with food, rest or toileting.

    We believe that it is our responsibility to provide children with positive guidance and in our experience, most children will respond well to our approach. In the event that a child does not respond, we will notify the parents and work closely with them to develop a plan to help the child gain self-control and a positive attitude toward their peers and teachers. Should the child’s continued negative behavior put themselves, their peers or their teachers at risk for physical harm or, if the child damages Center property, we reserve the right to ask the parent to withdraw the child from the Center. While we understand the developmental tendencies of children to experiment with inappropriate language to shock others, withdrawal may also be requested for those children who are verbally abusive, including the repeated use of inappropriate language with other families consider offensive.

  • Reporting Of Child Abuse Policy

    Trinity Preschool is committed to providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment for its students. Abuse of any child is unacceptable and will be reported in compliance with PA Child Protective Services Law. All Preschool employees and volunteers are mandatory reporters and will immediately make an oral or electronic report to ChildLine when there is reasonable cause to suspect that a child is a victim of child abuse.

  • Toilet Training Policy

    All children must be fully toilet trained and in underwear (no pull-ups) prior to being enrolled in the Trinity Preschool.

    Child is expected to communicate to the teacher, teacher assistant or classroom volunteer when he/she needs to use the toilet and independently attend to him/herself completely.

    Teacher/Assistant or volunteer will accompany child to the bathroom and will help only with pulling shorts/pants up or down. (We recommend that children wear clothing with elastic waistbands that have no belts, button or snaps that make it hard for the child to be independent in the bathroom.) The volunteer or teacher assistant will remind the child to flush the toilet and to wash hands.

    Teacher/Assistant or volunteer will change soiled clothes if an accident occurs during the school day. Parents are asked to supply an extra set of clothing that will fit in the child’s cubby.

    If an “accident” occurs three times in one month, the teacher will contact the parent/guardian and the child must be picked up and will not be readmitted until toilet training is successful. If toileting continues to be a problem, parents/guardians will be contacted to pick up the child and asked to continue to work on toilet training until child is fully toilet trained.

  • Tuition Policy

    Please contact Trinity Preschool for this information.

  • Outdoor Policy

    We would like to inform you that we will be taking students outside to play daily as long as weather permits. Temperatures of 32 degrees and above are safe for students to play outside when dressed appropriately. If there is a day in which you don’t feel comfortable having your child play outside, please inform your child’s teacher during drop-off.
    If your child is feeling sick please consider keeping them home for the day. There are many bugs going around, and while we use safe hand washing practices at the preschool, we can’t completely prevent germs from spreading. If you’re uncertain about whether or not you should send your child to school, please refer to our sickness guidelines on page 7 of your preschool handbook.

  • Attendance Policy

    If a student is not going to be attending school for the day, parents/caregivers should call or text to excuse their absence by the start of the school day. If we do not hear from a student’s individual family, a member of staff will call by 9:30 to check in and determine whether the student will be arriving.