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Why Enroll?


Benefits of Early Childhood Education: Success Starts Here!

Children are eager learners and recent advances in research about the brain shows that providing a high-quality education for children before they turn five yields significant benefits.
Kindergarten teachers expect students to be able to listen, follow directions, start and complete projects, and realize when they need to ask for help. These skills are equally important as cognitive skills, such as being able to recite the alphabet, count to 10, or write their name.
The Trinity Preschool experience can help children to be ready for the academic and social challenges and demands of elementary school and beyond because it:

  1. Provides the groundwork for learning, both academically and socially. Young kids are naturally perceptive and curious. To get your child ready for the academic demands of elementary school, our teachers offer a broad range of activities.
  2. Provides a structured setting with teachers and other children where your child can learn to share, follow instructions, take turns, and share the teacher’s attention with peers. Every child should have this type of group experience prior to starting kindergarten.
  3. Helps your child socially and emotionally. Your child learns the art of cooperation, how to be respectful towards others, and how to solve problems. Preschool is a place where your child can gain confidence, explore, and play with friends.
  4. Allows your child to discover answers to their many questions. Preschool can make your job as a parent easier, helping your child to learn how to find answers to their questions through exploration, experimentation, and conversation with teachers and peers.
  5. Gives your child educational building blocks. Young children in preschool learn letters and numbers, but at their own, individualized pace and via games and activities. In a preschool setting, teachers show your child how to learn these fundamentals by offering a variety of activities young children typically find interesting, like playing with blocks, story-time, and more. For instance, to help kids learn to strengthen their pre-reading skills, teachers may play rhyming games and let children tell stories. To help kids with math skills, teachers might ask students to use a monthly calendar to count down days to a holiday, count cookies or crackers during snack time, or even play memory games.